subwooferlust asked:

do you guys have any merch i want to broadcast to the world on my chest how much i love YUNG KLOUT GANG

YKG MERCH is not available to the public I’ve been waiting for my shirt for a year now lol whenever somebody asks a member they just say coming soon so all I can offer you is “coming soon”


Anonymous asked:

honestly ykg is a group of people with egos that dont fit their careers or lifestyles.. it is a group of rich/spoiled brats who sit around ordering grub hub. demian is the only one who has actually done anything relevant. the rest r a sad kind of person who feels the need to belittle people who have ideas different then their own.

Chippy literally has no job at all so idk about that the others all have jobs and work 9-5’s I think Lina has three jobs actually and their familial backgrounds are all middle class that’s not exactly “rich” so I don’t really care if you think otherwise Lina has been nothing but nice to me that’s your own interpretation of them but I don’t really see how they belittle people? Idk if you’re talking about that BEBE Zeva shit if so idk anything about it enough to comment

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